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A.	Two items and two sides - 10.99 B.	Three items and one side - 11.99 C.	Three items and two sides - 12.99 Four tortillas filled with chicken and topped with cheese sauce, green tomatillo sauce and sour cream - 11.49 Enchiladas Rancheras Enchiladas Poblanos Enchiladas Supreme Burrito Ranchero Extra large flour tortilla filled with carnitas and beans and topped with cheese and mole ranchero sauce Includes rice, pico de gallo salad and sour cream - 13.99 Enchiladas Suizas Two beef tip burritos with beans and covered with cheese dip, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream and shredded cheese. Not served with rice - 11.99 Burrito a la Mayo Items Your choice of ground beef, beans or cheese. Substitute chicken or beef tips for 25	per item. A Signature Dish. One of our very own Family Recipes While our ingredients are Gluten Free, Preparation area may not be. Denotes One Of Our Gluten Free Items © cinco de mayo restaurants 2015       design and publishing www.designwithoutdelay.com